The Heritage team cornhole scores a winning point and the team goes wild. | Photo by Vanna Contreras

Pandemic guidelines forced adjustments to nearly every aspect of homecoming, but Bethel still pulled off the events.

The Frogtown-Summit community gathered on October 31, 2020, for the Trick or Trunk Event at the West Minnehaha Recreation Center. Parents, children, and volunteers stood outside to celebrate Halloween together. | Photo by Zack Pierson

Communities in need gather despite the challenges of the pandemic- with a spooky twist.

Photo by Emma Gottschalk

Clearly, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Photo by Suzi Cook.

Things might work if I can talk to my daughter better than I talked to my mom during ABBA’s Greatest Hits Saturday mornings.

Josh and Laura.

Bethel University digital journalists remember what’s important about moms on Mother’s Day, like Morocco and swords.

Royal Report Productions.

Willy Issa (acoustic guitar player) and his band lead worship in Chapel on Wednesday, Nov. 7. “Every musician deals with like, how do they sound… am I going to be distracting in a way?” Issa said. When he takes the stage in Chapel, he tries to minimize distracting thoughts and enter into worshiping God. | Photo by Judd Martinson.

At Bethel, student worship leaders get to experience a worship night from the Benson Hall stage.

Bethel University reconciliation graduate focuses on providing healthy food accessibility and alleviating poverty-related stress.

Sophomore Ben Clysdale and Faith Willard prepare for their math test coming up later in the day. The two just started dating and often find themselves studying and doing homework in the Bethel library. “That’s where I can get stuff done,” Clysdale said. | Photo by Taylor Fondie

Students quietly spread their books and laptops throughout the Bethel University (St. Paul) library Tuesday to keep up with the homework grind.

Bethel University junior Nathan Klok holds his Canon 1DX camera, also known as Leonard XI, in ready position, April 25 outside of Brushaber Commons. Klok named his camera after his great-grandfather who supplied the funds for Klok to buy his first camera, instilling the passion in Klok to continue pursuing photography. “Photography brings me the most joy in my life, but also makes me lose the most sleep in my night,” Klok said. “It’s a never ending job.” | Photo by Hannah Quinn

Nathan Klok experiences the thrill of being both a professional photographer and full-time business student at Bethel University.

“I have no idea how to be a normal fan. Home for me is down on the…

Scott Winter

Bethel University English and Journalism Associate Professor. Mediocre tennis player. Nacho architect. @ProfScottWinter

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